Tuesday, April 17, 2007

gabriel john: future broadway star

Amy, Gabe and Anna went back to Tianjin on Sunday. But since Amy's birthday is coming up this week, we decided to go out for an early birthday dinner. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the birthday girl herself, but have quite a few of her progeny. :) Here is Gabe enjoying some ice-cream.
With Grandma.
After we'd left the restaurant, Amy and I noticed that Gabe was singing a song, and after some close listening, we determined that the song was most definitely a Gabe original. But then I could be wrong. Has anyone ever heard a song with the lyrics "golden deliciously warm" repeated over and over again?

Here he is singing it.

As you can see, "Golden deliciously warm" is quite a catchy song. Soon I was singing it along with him, and after we got the technical side of the music down, we started working on choreography.


sal said...

did he learn it in s.s. when he didn't get to play? i keep thinking about apples....but it'd have to be apple pie if it's warm! go gabe! :)

Chris Baker said...