Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's become a tradition that whenever my sister comes home for a visit, she looks through any clothes that I might be getting rid of. This time, I had quite a large collection (I'd decided it was finally time to sever ties with any and all clothing items I hadn't worn in 3+ years...), which pleased her greatly. But her excitement was turned to sadness and bitterness when she found the bridesmaid's dress that I'd worn at her wedding almost 8 (!!) years ago among the pile of unwanted clothes. She was deeply hurt, and very confused as to why I wouldn't want to keep it. Here she is using the dress to wipe her tears.**For anyone who is confused and thinks I would actually blog about such an incident, not to mention take a picture of my sister crying because of my actions, no, this is a joke. But the part about me wearing that dress at Amy's wedding and now wanting to get rid of it was true.

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