Wednesday, April 04, 2007

fixing my phone

Anyone who's tried to call me within the last month or so will have heard of my cell phone troubles. All calls that I have picked up have involved an immediate and pause-free explanation from me that's gone something like this: "Hi _____, my phone is broken so I can't hear you. I'll call you back when I get to another phone. "

Since I wasn't sure if the problem was fixable, I thought briefly about buying a new phone, but was reluctant to do so. Maybe because I'm cheap, maybe because I actually prefer text-messaging to voice communication... either way, I survived about a month without a working phone.

But that has all changed! This evening, while running some errands in Shatin, I decided it wouldn't hurt to check to see if my phone was fixable. I wasn't sure what the prognosis would be, but even if it was good, I was expecting to be phoneless for at least a day or two. So you'll understand my surprise when at the first little phone store I checked at, the man told me that if I left my phone with him for 40 minutes and gave him HK$80 (about 10 bucks US), he could replace the speaker, and I would once again own a working phone! Wow. I took him up on it, and needless to say, I'm feeling quite silly for putting off for so long what was ultimately very easily fixed. Hopefully I've learned my lesson...


sal said...

yay!!! i'm gonna ring you tom then! :)

Ji said...

That totally sounds like something I'd do...actually, did. I finally got my glasses prescribed. It only took 30 mins and I've postponed getting it done for about a month now.

Anyway, the offer's still there -- wanna come?!

What's your number again? I've got Skype -- affordable international calls!