Monday, August 20, 2007

"are you ok? are you ok?"

I am now a very safe person to be around. After a 3-hour course this evening -- stand back!-- I know CPR!
Some highlights:

1. The three C's -- Check, Call, Care.

2. The phrase in the title -- "Are you OK? Are you OK?" -- repeated multiple times in monotone by a video-taped demonstrator.

3. ABC -- Airway, Breathing, Circulation... although we weren't taught how to test circulation...

4. Acing the multiple choice test at the end. Test-taking is one thing that I'm good at (and something that has occasionally been mistaken for intelligence), and it was pleasant to take an easy one with near instant gratification.

5. The interesting plastic mouth barrier that kept me from really having to perform mouth-to-mouth on my dummy.


sal said...

i hope you were also wearing your protective gloves at all times! ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated, but have you seen Before Sunrise?