Thursday, August 30, 2007

retail therapy

I felt a little stressed at work today, so on the way home decided to indulge in the ultimate retail therapy experience -- buying a pair of fun, completely impractical shoes. I love the color and style, and the fact that they were on sale and one third of their original price. But I'm not sure how I'll manage with the heels. I usually try to avoid buying high-heeled shoes... mainly because they're impractical for me to wear in walk-everywhere HK, but also because (not to strengthen any pre-existing stereotypes but...) in HK I often feel like some kind of freakish giant anyway, so don't really yearn to add inches. And then of course, there's the fact that since I don't wear heels much, I become very awkward and clumsy when I do. But oh well, let's throw caution to the wind on this one.

I got them at Marks and Spencer, which is incidentally about the only store in HK that carries [womens] shoes in my size. After many years of shoe-buying difficulties (I've worn a women's 10 since I was about 11), a few years back I think that something finally clicked in my brain. No matter how many pairs of shoes I amass, deep down in my subconscious lurks the fear that I will run out of shoes and have nothing left to put on my feet. It tells me to buy what I can now, for who knows when the next shoe-drought will be. I should say that I know this fear is completely irrational, especially seeing as my parents are returning from California tomorrow, and I know for a fact that their luggage contains at least two pairs of footwear for yours truly.

But I do like the shoes, and will make a concerted effort to wear them...and hopefully my next post will not contain any news about blisters or a broken ankle.


Crabby Rangoon said...

I think you made a lovely choice in shoewear! And if the drought you've been dreading reaches the shores of HK, remember that you've got a shoe-loving friend you can always count on to quench your shoe-thirst in the land of giants.

(This sounds like the beginning/ending of a strange children's book...)

Anonymous said...

They're super cute! A worthy buy. :)

blue tomato said...

Hi, this is Sarah (Ahn)! I found you through the Baker's blog.

Good for you on the shoes! :)
They're cute! I love Marks and Spencers, too (one of the many things I miss about Hong Kong!)