Thursday, August 16, 2007

photo phun

Spot the differences (on the T-shirts, not the people wearing them...)
Salome with two of her favorite porker friends -- McDull and McMug (not sure which is which... you'll have to help me with this one, Sal...)
Sticky pictures with Athania. Flash back to over a year ago when we took our last ones... Unfortunately, we had a little disagreement with one of the machines after it automatically chose some photos for us (i.e. the two bottom center ones) and we lost a couple that we really liked (one of which involved some trick photography -- large, close-up Athania trying to eat small, far-away Michelle).

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jon said...

Nice Sticker Pics. My attention was diverted, however, towards trying to piece together your journal entry in the background. I did not have much luck. All I could make out was something about being sanctified at summer school. I know. How nosy of me. I do apologize. Nice to see a picture Sal at FW too. I miss HK!!!