Monday, August 27, 2007

iPod first aid

This morning I noticed my iPod sitting on my side table, gathering dust after months of disuse. And the sight made me sad. See, sometime in April or May, after multiple failed recharge attempts, I had resigned myself to the idea of my beloved mp3 player being broken or needing a battery replacement. And being the go-getter that I am, I did nothing about it. Well, this morning, on a whim, I plugged it in. And lo and behold, it started recharging! This is not my iPod's first near-death experience, and though the whole thing perplexes me greatly, my confusion has quickly been replaced by musical ecstasy! Not that the lack of iPod was stopping me from listening to music altogether, but I guess I'd become so overly dependent on its convenience, that I found it hard to go back to my CD player on any permanent basis. Aside from a few albums bought and listened to over the past few months, I'd pretty much allowed myself to be music-starved. So now it feels like I'm feasting! Even playlists that had grown somewhat stale for me, now seem new and fresh! How exciting!

Oh, and after this evening, I am first-aid qualified, which hopefully, in some abstract way ties this whole post together. I didn't take any pictures of dummies this evening, mainly because we didn't practice on them. I guess I could have gotten some shots of my table-mates decked out with slings and magazine-splints, but somehow, that thought slipped my mind.

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