Saturday, August 11, 2007

no search parties needed

You may have noticed that my posts have quite suddenly dropped off from once a day to *fingers crossed* once a week. So to ensure that no search parties are sent out (allusion to one of Jon's recent posts), I thought I would take this opportunity to assure any concerned readers out there that I am alive, and actually doing quite well.

I started orientation for my new job about two weeks ago, and in that time have kept quite busy sitting in meetings, sorting through things in the ESL room, and generally figuring out what my job entails. Since I'll have a support role at the school, I will be working closely with 9 different elementary teachers and classes, and also under the new administrative umbrella of "Student Services." That means that there are quite a few people that I need to keep up with, so a lot of my energy so far has been spent trying to figure out how to do that most efficiently and effectively. Everyone has been really helpful so far though, and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what was done last year, and what will be expected of me when school starts on Monday. I also think any anxiety that I do have will quickly dissipate once I meet the kids, get to know them, and get a better idea of how I can help them out.

I'm looking forward to school starting, but am thinking that for a while at least, it will mean less time for blogging.


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Michelle... we'll miss your frequent posts... but we'll always be checking, we've got you in RSS in our bookmarks my dear! love, C,A,&baby