Wednesday, August 01, 2007

bamboo and circle bag

I went to Sham Shui Po today with Salome, Athania, and Gloria. We were on the look-out for a variety of craft supplies, and in our wanderings happened to stop by two of my favorite shops: the wonderful fabric store, and the cat/jewelery-supply store (I've blogged about both before...).

I excused myself from the earring-hook hunt to spend some quality time with these kitten siblings.
Sal bought some cool green and white fabric for a door curtain (which I hope she blogs about soon, so I can put a link here!), and came over to my place to sew it. I attempted (rather futilely -- is that a word?) to busy myself with other things, but before long was involved in a sewing project of my own.

I had some bamboo bag handles, some fun fabric (that I've had for years, but never used!), and some lining from another bag that I recently took apart. Put them together and viola -- a new bag!
One good thing about using lining from another bag is that this new bag now has a zipper, but I didn't have to do the work of putting it in! The bag also has some gathers at the bottom which make it more expandable.

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Sonnja said...


What a beautiful bag, I like the fabric.
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