Tuesday, July 31, 2007

tote for athania

The bag that I started making last week when the sewing machine stopped working was actually supposed to be a birthday present for Athania. Thankfully she was very understanding when I told her that her present would be a little bit late. Well, it is now finished, thanks to my other sewing machine. Yes, there have been two sewing machines all along... it took me a little longer to figure the second one out though. I'd tried it before and couldn't get it off the zig-zag stitch setting. But today, with a little experimentation (I'm an experiential-learner -- I'd rather just mess around with the knobs and switches than read any kind of manual -- Mom, if you're reading this, sorry for making your cringe!), I finally got straight stitches out of it!

Anyway, here's the bag (and since I finished it before dark-- a sewing first for me! -- I was able to take pictures outside!):
It's the same pink and green fabric that I've used before... but since Athania is a very vocal admirer of all things green, I decided to use predominantly green pieces. The lining is also green... but the pocket is Beacon Hill pink checks -- Athania and I are both BHS alumni! I decided to go for one long sectioned-off pocket this time, and have to say that I'm quite pleased with the way it looks.
Athania, I'm posting this with the assumption that you won't see this before I actually give you the bag tomorrow... but if you do, I hope you like it, and happy birthday!

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Athania said...

Thanks Michelle! I LOVE the bag... it's gorgeous! you are a sewing wonder... and to finish before midnight - what an accomplishment! I'll see you tomorrow at Shammy! love ya!