Saturday, July 21, 2007

something new under the sun

Whitening creams are pretty much dime-a-dozen in HK. In fact, for those of us not keen on being any whiter than we naturally are, it can even be quite difficult to find a moisturizer or face-wash that doesn't contain skin-bleaching agents. All that to say that I'm certainly familiar with the HK obsession with fair skin. But that didn't lessen the surprise that I felt when I noticed this ad at the check-out line in Park'n Shop. In case you can't tell, it's an advertisement for extra (!!) whitening deodorant. Besides the mild annoyance I felt over discovering yet another whitening product, I can't help but wonder who would actually buy this. Aren't armpits a relatively easy part of your body to keep white? I mean, even if someone was to try to tan their armpits, I think they'd have a pretty difficult time of it...

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