Wednesday, July 25, 2007

rice paper

Some of us got together after summer school today for a little Athania-birthday-lunch at Rice Paper. What a great place! Thanks Athania, for having a birthday and giving me an excuse to finally go there! :)

I wish I'd turned the flash on for this one, but oh well... there are worse things than being back-lit.
Place setting.
Our food. Modern Vietnamese = delicious!!
The dessert setting. With pretty coaster.
Our desserts. We'd originally planned to just order four, but after seeing us devour the appetizers and main courses, our kind waiter recommended that we go with five.
Here are the two that turned out to be my favorites: the "French kiss" (with a nice view of the restaurant decor in the background)...
...and the sticky banana pudding. Wow... just looking at this one is making me salivate...
Happy birthday Athania!

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Eli Edmundson said...

Is that bread pudding? It looks really good.