Thursday, July 12, 2007

my first tote

I made my very first bag tonight! It's just a simple tote, but what a sense of accomplishment it's given me! I'm really glad I decided to go for something relatively simple for my first project, because even with the seeming easiness, I had a lot of unexpected logistical issues to work through. It was a great learning process though, and as cheesy as it sounds, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I'm already mentally working through my next project...

Here's the finished product.

The other side (and opened, showing the pink lining!... yes, that's right, I tried to line it, and it seems to have worked!).
There's nothing in the pictures to provide any reference to size, so in case you're wondering about it's dimensions: the top is about 10 inches across, and the bottom about 13.

I'm already planning to use it tomorrow (read: it's a little too home-made looking to give away, so I'll keep it for myself) and will carry it with pride!

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sal said...

fabulous!! i was shopping at these crafty stores and they had all these handmade things like bags and belts and jewellery etc.... you can def join them with your creations! can't wait to come back and shop with you! i think we should start CRAFT days after school!!! i need to buy a sewing machine.