Wednesday, July 18, 2007

reversible bag

Alright, for the two people out in cyberspace who are actually interested, here are a couple photos of the reversible bag I just made! I like these colors a lot, but am not sure that the flash on my camera does them justice.

I decided to go with a polka-dot fabric for the lining, and then figured that instead of just lining it, I might as well make it completely reversible.

This is the fifth bag I've made in a week, and it's pretty much become part of my daily routine to take out the sewing machine once the sun goes down. The process is going faster and is not surprisingly getting easier too... I think this bag took me less than 2 hours to cut and assemble (while half watching "Child of Our Time" and "House")... which is pretty good compared to the time it took me on some of the earlier ones. I guess I'll keep going with this hobby (obsession?) while I've got the time and the interest. Anyone need a bag?


Jonah Zane Herzog said...

My mom says you are amazing! She loves the bags! You should open up your own boutique! I'm sure you could come up with some cool quirky chinese/english name...

sal said...

ooo i like that it's reversible! i'm gonna have to start hunting for a sewing machine when i get back so we can sew sew sew!!!
and i just love child of our time. it's like the absolutely best documentary of all time.