Monday, July 30, 2007

day at the beach

I start new teacher orientation tomorrow, so was eager to do something fun on my day of vacation. Thankfully, Athania and her cousin Gloria were game for something fun, so the three of us set off to Hap Mun Beach. This was my third time there. (1st time, 2nd time)

Gloria and me on the boat.

Athania and me on the boat.
Athania's self-portrait beach shot. And I'm pretty sure she didn't intentionally include the speedo-ed gentleman behind her...
Here I am standing by a rock with some interesting clouds in the background. Was that the dragon or the turtle, Athania?
The obligatory victory shot.

We each enjoyed our own bottles of Pocari Sweat. It was a hot day, and we needed the electrolytes... but no harm done because I love the stuff! I think I might have to devote an entire post to Pocari Sweat sometime soon... that'll be a winner for sure.
Somehow I managed not to get any good pictures of the beach this time. But it looks about the same as it did in June, and last year, so you can check out those earlier posts if you're interested. However, I did get this nice shot of the beach framed by this jack-hammer/digger contraption (wow, I wish my nephew was here to tell me what this is!). Yes, there was one of these at the beach. You come to places like this to relax and get away from the noise of the city, but then the noise of the city comes to you. Thankfully, as true HK girls (I'm including you, Gloria, here too), we managed to tune out the constant drilling quite easily.
Thanks for such a lovely day, ladies!

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