Saturday, June 09, 2007

hap mun beach and cashback

I've fallen behind in my posts... here are some pictures from Tuesday, when Sal, Kaiser and I headed to a beach near Saikung (same one as last summer...).

A view from the boat.

Kaiser and Salome on the boat to Hap Mun.

The pier, rocks and of course, sea.

View of the beach and lovely, clear water!

Some interesting flowers...

Beautiful clouds.
Kai and Sal on the pier.
Then we headed to Yau Ma Tei to catch a movie, taking advantage of our complimentary tickets.

Dinner at Kubrik. I took this picture mainly to illustrate that in HK "salad" can refer to anything smothered in mayonnaise...
Sal and I preparing to enjoy Cashback from the very front row of the theater. The show was completely sold out.
I'd seen the Cashback preview, and was a little skeptical about the movie. For some reason the preview tries to convince viewers that the movie is about naked women and little else (and on a side note, I just noticed that IMDB has "Nudity/Nude Girl/Female Nudity" listed as the plot key words! *#&@!). But I was pleased to find that there was quite a bit more to the story than that.

Now, a few days later, it's pouring rain and Sal and Kai are in Williamsburg, Virginia, the home of my Alma Matter. In fact, they're probably eating at the Cheese Shop at this very moment -- I'm so jealous!! :) Have a great time guys!

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sal said...

delicious! we had roastbeef with swiss chesse, watercress and house dressing on french bread!!! and a potato and leek soup.