Monday, June 25, 2007

monday fun-day

We went for brunch at The Flying Pan this morning. Yum!
Then we made our way back home. I volunteered my babysitting services so that Amy and Aaron could go see Oceans 13.

I had fun with the kids. Anna had a bit of a hard time though. Amy called after the movie was over, asking how the kids were, and as I was speaking to her on the phone, I looked over and noticed that one of the cats was right next to Anna. The next thing I knew, Anna was pulling hard on his fur. As I was yelling for her to let go, Jock (the cat) started biting. His biting didn't seem to produce the results I assume he was hoping for -- Anna started screaming, but continued to hold on tight. Finally they separated. Anna cried for a couple minutes, but was soon following Jock around again. Not sure how much his bite really hurt. He's about 11 now, and missing a lot of teeth. But still, what a fearless little girl.

Here are Anna and Jock about 10 minutes after their face-off. I like these pictures. They're pretty retro, what with Anna's orange rick-rack outfit and the yellow kitchen cabinets. Very 70's.

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