Thursday, June 14, 2007

my day

My day started with a pregnant woman on the KCR telling me I looked tired. I noticed she was looking at me, and when I made eye contact she pointed below her left eye and told me mine was black. My first thought was that I'd accidentally smeared something on my face, so I immediately started wiping frantically... but then she said, "You need more sleep." Thanks.

The KCR was the first leg of my trip to HKU... my classes have been over for a while, but today was the day of reckoning, so to speak, because papers were marked and ready to be passed back. Well, I passed my courses! Yay!

After getting our feedback, my fellow biology classmates and I went out to lunch with our professors (or "tutors" as they're called at HKU). Then some of us continued the celebrations at a little German place in Lan Kwai Fong. It was fun, even though you wouldn't really know it from the way most of us look in the photo below...

After the festivities had come to an end, I headed over to St. Theresa's hospital, where Aaron is scheduled to have his knee surgery tomorrow. Since his surgery will start pretty early, they decided it would be better for him to check into the hospital this evening than to have to show up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Here he is with the kids before they, Amy and I said goodbye.
They'll be able to visit him tomorrow, and he should be out of the hospital by Sunday, which very appropriately happens to be Father's Day.

Amy, the kids, and I took a taxi back home, and one of the highlights of the trip, for me at least, was the argument that ensued between Olivia and Gabe when Gabe noticed a "fast race car" parked on the street. Their conversation went something like this:

Gabe: A race car is faster than a car.
Olivia: Yeah, but it's not faster than Jesus.
Gabe: Yes, it is. It's the fastest.
Olivia: No, because Jesus can do anything, so he's the fastest.

As the debate became more heated, Olivia asked me to back her up, and said something about Gabe still having a lot to learn about Jesus...

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Kevin said...

Thought I'd finally drop by and have a look. And ugh. Did you really need to put that photo up? :)

Hope you had a good birthday and are enjoying the good weather today.