Tuesday, June 12, 2007

lunch at burger king

My sister and her family arrived today from Tianjin. Aaron is scheduled to have knee surgery at the end of the week, which is the main reason they're here, but we should be able to squeeze in some fun things as well. Amy and the kids will be here for two weeks, and Aaron will stay a few weeks longer, so that he can do physiotherapy here.

I met them at the airport this morning, and we decided to stay for a Burger King lunch (I was surprised that the airport McDonalds has been replaced by a Burger King -- one of only 2 in HK -- big news!).

The kids' meals came with stuffed endangered species toys. Here's Gabe giving his parched aye-aye a refreshing drink of fanta.
And here's Olivia letting her jaguar nibble on her cheeseburger.

Anna and Olivia with their mommy.

Olivia making a jaguar face. I love this picture!

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sal said...

hello everyone :) i wish i could go to the beach with you guys again!(hehe will you all be going?) burger king looks like a lot of fun. i will have to check out the kid's meal next time i am by...