Tuesday, June 26, 2007

megabox and spotlight

I went to a new mall -- MegaBox -- today for the first time. Wow! Here's a view of it from the shuttle bus that takes you there from Kowloon Bay. What a monstrosity!

One of the longest escalators I've seen. Takes you from L1 to L5 (the location of my destination -- Spotlight).

Spotlight. I'd been told by a few different people that I would like this store, and were they ever right. I've never been in such a huge craft store outside of North America, and I found the experience quite overwhelming. But after some deep breaths, I did make it through without having a breakdown/panic attack or buying out the entire store.
When I entered Spotlight, I told myself that I would stick to quilting stuff (still thinking about that tetris quilt!) and print/card making stuff. But then I came to the cross-stitching section and remembered the tetris magnets that I've been wanting to make. And then I came to the very extensive yarn section and decided I couldn't pass up an opportunity to crochet. But in the end, I think I did exercise quite a lot of self-control. Considering all the craft-related hobbies I've had in my 27 years, I was proud of myself for not trying to get back into all of them. I said no to the rubber stamps, to the scrap-booking stuff, to the popsicle sticks, and many others.

Here's what I did end up buying. A fabric cutter with board (very useful!) and yellow fabric, yarn, and supplies for the magnets. (Please note the curious kitten feet that made it into the top of the photo!)

And now that I have summer school starting next week and job applications to get in, let the crafting begin!


Crabby Rangoon said...

Holy Moley! How have I not heard about this place yet? I've been desperate for certain craft supplies the last few months. Thanks for the tip!

sal said...

wow.. the malls just keep popping up! scrapbooking stuff you say :) how are the prices? i'm already running out of luggage space!