Tuesday, June 19, 2007

turning twenty-seven

I turned 27 last Friday, but the celebrations were saved for last night. Here's Olivia and Anna playing "Happy Birthday."
What talented nieces I have!

Olivia and me with possibly the best cake I've ever eaten -- Irish Cream bundt cake (recipe here). Yumm! Thanks Amy!


Mike & Helen said...

Hey Michelle, thanks for inviting us - was a fun evening, especially the cake... and the apples!

Nice to see our midriffs made it onto your blog :)

michelle said...

hehe... we should've taken more pictures! i'm glad you guys could make it. i'm looking forward to your "hidden mickey" post... :)

Meghan said...

Hey, Michelle!!!
Happy belated birthday!
And congrats on finishing your program! :)
Love ya!