Wednesday, July 25, 2007

cinematheque and time to kill

I had a free ticket at the Cinematheque that was going to expire on the 31st of this month. I like this theater a lot, but today felt that I almost had to drag myself over there. Part of the problem was that, since it was a somewhat spontaneous decision, I had no idea what movies were playing, show times, etc., and I had visions of myself sitting through a movie that I really didn't want to see, or watching Harry Potter again just to avoid wasting the ticket. But fortunately for me, there was a movie I'd been wanting to see playing in the theater -- 2 Days in Paris.

The movie turned out to be pretty good. It reminded me a lot of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and not just because Julie Delpy is in it (she incidentally wrote and directed the movie too). It had the same kind of "real time" feel to it, as well as the same kind of witty pseudo-realistic dialog. But this time, instead of being about a chance romantic encounter or an unexpected reunion, this movie presents a couple who has been together for two years and is now questioning whether they even know each other. I wouldn't go as far as to recommend this movie (I think parts of it would be offensive to some), but there were a number of things that I really liked about it. One being that I loved how natural Julie Delpy looked throughout the movie. Frizzy hair, occasional bags under her eyes, etc. -- it's clear that she's very comfortable with herself. And though this might sound cliche, it's so nice to see an actress on screen who, beautiful as she is, looks like a real person.

I got to the theater at about 4:30, but the next showing of 2 Days in Paris was at 7:45. That meant a good 3 hours of time to kill. I should know by now to carry a book with me always, for unexpected situations like this... but unfortunately, hadn't been reading much lately. So, although I have a nice stack of books at home waiting to be read, I gave in and bought a book at Kubrick. It's a collection of nine short stories by J. D. Salinger. I hadn't read anything by him since high school when I read Catcher in the Rye, which was, and possibly still is, a favorite of mine. I got to read four of the stories today while waiting, and so far, feel that it was a good purchase.
During the three-hour wait, I also gave into a long-standing compulsion of mine and bought some stationery (well, just one card, actually). I'm putting a photo of it here because I like it so much! This collection of illustrations is called "Small is Beautiful" by Peter Suart.

I really don't need any more stationery, but it's really hard for me to resist adding to my "collection" when I see something that I like. And I do actually use it too. I love real letters, stamps, the whole deal. If you are doubtful, send me your address and I'll post something to you ASAP.

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