Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"feeling too busy to get everything done? then why not start a complex craft project!"

The above seems to be the logic my brain follows. June: had a lot of free time, but spent most of it on Facebook. July: busy with summer school and lots tutoring, and I'm suddenly sitting at the drawring board, planning my next craft project.

But as far as craft projects go, this one's an exciting one. Below is a picture of the "pattern" for the tetris quilt I've been talking about making for so many months now. Still not sure about the fabrics that I'll use, but I feel like I've made the first step, and am looking forward to doing more!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much fun I had working on this design. The process sort of burst my maybe-I'm-not-really-an-anal-retentive-nerd bubble... in an effort to illustrate what I mean by that, let me share with you a few of the "rules" that I set for myself while drawing up the pattern:

1. pieces of the same type (and color) should not touch each other. (Explanation: I don't want pieces to blend into each other on the actual quilt.)

2. each row should have 1 empty space, to increase the authenticity of the tetris scenario. (Explanation: if there were no spaces, the line would disappear.)

3. pieces of the same type should be spread out, and pieces of the 5 different types should be used an equal (or close to equal) number of times. (Explanation: purely aesthetic.)

The last rule proved difficult, especially when I got to the top (I started from the bottom, of course!) and was trying to finish the design without using partial pieces, but still following rules 1 and 2.

In spite of all my efforts, the design does have a couple points which are inconsistent with the game of tetris. Can you spot them?

1. Not positive, but I think the width should be 10 squares, not 12.

2. There are actually 7 different types of tetris pieces, not 5. I did not use different colors to distinguish between pieces that are mirror-images.

I actually did consider the above two points before starting on the design, but decided that the quilt would probably look a little better with more squares and fewer colors/fabrics. So, in the end, after all of my obsessing, I guess I did choose aesthetics over tetrical (adj?) accuracy.

If you're wondering about the triangular graph-paper underneath, my next project is going to be something involving equilateral triangle patchwork...!!!


sal said...

oo i wanna fly home and quilt with you. i have this martha mag that i bought like 10 years ago cause i liked the quilt on the cover!!! but i think i have to go shopping for a sewing machine first. can't wait to see your tetris quilt! how i wish i still had the gameboy.. then i could play a game

michelle said...

i know, while working on this, i kept wishing that i hadn't sold my gameboy to my brother all those years ago. steve, do you know where the gameboy is now? i'll give you a good price... :)