Wednesday, July 11, 2007

strong mint

I was at 7-Eleven today, paying my phone bill (which still strikes even me as a strange thing to do...), when the lady at the register asked me if I wanted to buy some gum for HK$3. These kind of "promotions" of products that aren't selling well are pretty common at 7-Elevens, and I usually reply with a default "no thanks." But a couple things caught my attention. 1. Gum. I like the stuff quite a lot. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'm addicted to it, but I do get irritable if I've just had a cup of coffee and/or a meal and don't have gum handy. 2. Fisherman's Friend. I was pretty much addicted to the throat lozenges (original menthol) for a short time in middle school. I think that's why I like menthol Airwaves so much now. 3. For $3 (US 40 cents) why not?

So I think I know why this gum was on special -- it is so over-the-top minty, it's ridiculous! And if it's not clear already, let me emphasize that I'm no light-weight when it comes to gum. I already mentioned the Airwaves, and I also like Extra Professional -- two kinds of gum that are so strong, my niece and nephew no longer even bother to ask me for either when I'm taking a piece out for myself. They've tried them and were not pleased. But wow, this gum was so strong that after just a few seconds of chewing, I could -- no joke -- feel minty-ness in my eyes!

It's powerful stuff. Be warned.

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