Sunday, July 01, 2007

the chris and athania restaurant

Helen and Mike sometimes refer to Branto (my favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant) as the "Chris and Athania restaurant," because Chris and Athania were the ones who apparently introduced them to it. This has always been a sore point with me, because if you go back a little further in Branto history, it was I who introduced Chris and Athania to the restaurant in the first place (although, if you go back even further, it was Joanna who introduced me to it, and someone else who introduced her, and so on). But in spite of my bitter feelings, I accompanied Mike, Helen, Chris and Athania to the Chris and Athania restaurant today.

Mike with a masala dosa telescope.

Athania with the chili lime (?) stuff that she so adores.

Chris with one of my new favorites, the paneer burjhi (thanks again, Erika!).

Helen with the vegetable makhanwala (a new dish that we tried today). Like everything else I've ever had there, it was tres yummy!

A perplexed Mike with the stuffed capsicum.

Athania, Helen and I after our meal -- stuffed and happy. Mike's reflection would be visible in the picture too, if it wasn't for the crazy flash-mirror combination. Our heads look like little planets orbiting the sun...


Mike & Helen said...

Nice pics, Michelle! I borrowed one for facebook - hope that's OK!

And I'm glad we finally have the story of how Brantos changed it's name...

sal said...

we missed out on brantos?! the new dish looks yummy. can't wait to try it! :) see you guys all soon