Monday, July 30, 2007

summer school

I had my last day of summer school on Friday -- here are some pictures.

This is me with the yellow class (one of five classes that I taught each day). As you can probably tell from the photo, this class had quite a few characters in it... most notably, the child that I'm holding on to with two hands (btw, I think he's making that face just to be funny, not because he's in pain...).
Here I am with one of the older classes -- the green class. Getting these photos taken at all was quite chaotic...

Here's "Mr. Preston," my TA, with the white class. Cute!

The Horton Hatches the Egg books (that I blogged about earlier -- link) turned out to be a big success -- definitely worth the hours I put in assembling them. Before the kids started drawing, they had to put the parts of the story in order (there were easy and hard versions), then cut and paste the parts into their books. This step was pretty messy and time-consuming, with some kids needing more help than others... but somehow we got through it! When they finished sticking, they could start illustrating their books. I loved the pictures some of them came up with! I wish I'd been able to get more shots of the kids with their books -- but here are a few.

These two girls are showing their favorite parts of the story.
This was a "show me your silliest elephant" photo.
I think the kids enjoyed making the books, and at the end of the week they had something fun to take home. Thank you Dr. Seuss!

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Anonymous said...

Great job, Ms. Pardini. :)

I see you're even differentiating...I always thought creative people made the best teachers. They are adorable -- the kids and the books.