Friday, July 06, 2007

no straw day

All the McDonald's restaurants in HK are apparently doing their part to save the environment. Introducing the twice-monthly "No Straw Day." Seems like a very small step towards being "green," but I guess it's better than nothing, especially considering that hundreds of thousands of straws are probably disposed of daily in HK's 210 (I did the math...) McDonald'ses. Then again, one has to wonder how many more napkins will be requested on "No Straw Days" when everyone's going straw-free, taking their plastic lids off and slurping on the side of their cup. I see an increase in spillage (and therefore tree-slaughter) on the Micky-D horizon...
Looking at this picture of my French-fry-grease-stained McDonald's placemat makes me want to never go there again (although, I know, haven't I vowed to avoid it in previous posts?). But I really can't over-emphasize how convenient it has been for me to stop at the Golden Arches on Friday afternoons for my early pre-tutorial dinner. Fast, easy, cheap. But is it worth the self-loathing?...

Well, I won't have the tutorials as an excuse for much longer. Because I'm starting a new job in August, the tutorials can only continue for a few more weeks. Though it'll be amazing to have my Friday nights back, I have to say that I'm really going to miss my students. There are some pretty incredible kids and teenagers in those classes, and I'll be sad to leave them. :(

But parting with Ronald won't be quite so difficult.

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