Sunday, May 06, 2007

lazy sunday

I wasn't feeling well this morning, so decided to spend a day doing nothing. My morning started with a viewing of Dangerous Liaisons... not the most uplifting, let alone wholesome of Sabbath movies I realize, but it was a film I'd been wanting to re-watch (I have vague memories of being traumatized by it as an 11 or 12-year-old) and the edited version happened to be on TV. All I can say is wow. I'm surprised Glenn Close didn't win an oscar for her performance (not to mention she's never won an oscar, though she has been nominated 5 times!) -- I thought she was amazing!

The only semi-useful thing that I did today was work on a craft project that I'd been wanting to try. It's a really easy idea that I came across in Make (via the Craft blog) -- spraying a 50:50 bleach solution onto t-shirts with different objects placed on them. I liked their idea of using everyday objects like doilies and scissors to make interesting patterns, but decided to try something a little more natural. So I picked some leaves and ferns from outside, and put them on one of my t-shirts that already had a little bleach damage.

Here's the t-shirt, ready to be sprayed.
Before spraying, I noticed the tiniest snail I'd ever seen crawling on the fern. I put him out of harms way, of course -- no snail death-by-bleach on my watch. He was so small that the close-up function on my camera wasn't able to focus on him clearly... time for a new camera. :)
For the most part, the spraying went alright. One unforeseen problem that I encountered was that the force of the spray blew away some of my clover. I tried to remedy this by spraying each clover head-on... but I think it made that part of the t-shirt a little blotchier than I wanted. But overall, I'm pleased with the final product, and will wear it proudly. :)


sal said...

no wonder i couldn't find you today!
great shirt! i was thinking about that today... been looking for some t-shirts...but haven't found any good ones yet.
hope you're feeling better... tennis on tuesday?

Mike & Helen said...

I did wonder where you were. Hope you're feeling better.

Funnily enough, I woke up to a CD last Sunday as my 6am alarm clock called 'Lazy Sunday'. I only realised the irony later in the day.