Sunday, May 27, 2007

wedding bells

I went to the wedding of some friends from my care group (well, the group I used to go to before the whole Friday-night-tutoring thing started...), Bonnie and Andrew. And there were actually wedding bells... the title of this post is not merely a cliche.

This picture was taken in the taxi on the way to the church. It was a little strange to see in person the friends that I've grown so accustomed to interacting with mainly on Facebook.
More Facebook friends at the church.
The ring bearer and flower girl. Apparently she's a regular on the ECC wedding circuit.
The happy couple. Congratulations Bonnie and Andrew!


sal said...

yay! facebook wedding outing! we should get together for more functions more often.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle:

Nice to see you but didn't talk much to you at the church.

From church escaper Jordan.

Mike & Helen said...

I'm not sure that I like the idea of being just your facebook friend! but maybe I under estimate the power of facebook!

Sal's suggestion of getting together more often sounds a little more positive (especially if they include cinnamon rolls:)


michelle said...

sorry. i guess i have subconsciously stuck you all in a little mental box labeled "facebook friends"... which is ironic, seeing as i was originally so bothered by the facebook-is-making-me-categorize-my-friends thing...