Tuesday, May 08, 2007

tennis tuesday

Here are Sal and Kai, my tennis nemeses.
Avis, my doubles partner for the day. We rocked! But Kai and Sal were truly formidable opponents.

After working up an appetite (and a sweat) we went to the Thai, um, Vietnamese restaurant for dinner: aka the new, official post-tennis tradition restaurant! We ordered some of the usuals: pumpkin, cucumber, etc, but also ordered a special set meal that came with dessert. Here it is: taro and corn sago in coconut milk. Not the most aesthetically pleasing of desserts (the corn especially makes it look to me like someone vomited in this bowl... I'm sorry, but that's just what it reminds me of), but none-the-less very, very tasty.

I must not be very observant, because this was the first time I've noticed the "How to use Chopsticks" directions on a chopsticks wrapper, though Sal tells me they're pretty common in Chinese restaurants. In case you're still trying to figure the sticks out (or, like me, are finally trying to learn how to use them correctly), here's a free tutorial:

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