Sunday, May 27, 2007

sunday morning post

Two thoughts:

1. That poor woman whose thighs have been immortalized on the front page of HK's major English newspaper!

2. I'm probably too self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit. Regardless, I will remember to be on guard against undercover beach reporters.


sal said...

i see you included a little something for mike and kai on the front page :) i'm sure they can recognize that smile anywhere.. eng vs brazil!! (i have no idea what i am talking about.. just bits of info that filter across from living in the same flat as kai!) hahhah but yes i think supposedly a game coming up soon in the middle of the night and perhaps he will play?!?!

michelle said...

i actually hadn't noticed beckham's picture, but glad that i [unintentionally[ included something for the boys. and the front page beer story is of course an interesting one as well...