Sunday, May 20, 2007

not so scary..

Well, Facebook doesn't seem so scary to me anymore... and I'm beginning to think that "feeling exposed" is probably the least of my worries. A more fitting concern should be not wasting hours and hours writing on other people's "walls," and deciding which groups to join. So far, I've only joined one group -- one that I think my brother started -- The Pardini Club. There are a total of 34 members, and yes, you have to be a Pardini to join. Sorry all non-Pardinis.

One thing that I find funny/interesting about Facebook is how you're asked to tick a box to explain your relationship with each "friend." I guess with most people, you can think back to how you met them (i.e. at school, work, through a mutual friend, etc), but I find that with quite a few friends, I have a hard time fitting them into any of the categories. In fact, I don't like the idea of defining relationships by how I met someone... it just seems too cut and dried. Especially for people that I've known for a long time, it doesn't seem right to just say that we met at church or school. Maybe I'm just making this more complicated than it needs to be, but I think that I am not alone in finding this mildly frustrating/annoying. I guess it does leave lots of room for creativity though. I noticed that one of my Facebook friends filled in the info in an interesting way, so that when I view our friendship status, it says that "you dated for a short while from 1979 and 2007 but now you aren't speaking." I like the fact that that isn't even possible. And why would "aren't speaking" even be an option? Why would you add someone to your Facebook if you weren't on speaking terms?! hehe.

I don't think I've fully worked through my feelings about Facebook yet... I'm sorry to say that I might be blogging about this for a while to come...


Steve said...

yay! you joined my facebook group!

Mike & Helen said...

we knew you'd get sucked in... :)

michelle said...

thanks for your faith in me as a potential facebook addict... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle:

- I agree with your term about "aren't speaking" as an option.
- I've been thinking about why I used the Facebook. As you might see, I would also write a short description on the relationship.
- Reason for that was to let my friends who didn't know each other to see more other than their profile photos only. It's like in a real life in church or any other places that my friends or your friends might become friends to each others actually.
- If the relationship was real, it shouldn't be cut/dried/ashamed to mention to others.
- Haha. Feels like using your blog to make a declaration and sorry to make others having this feeling.

Not sure whether it's against the rule to write too much in this comment category. Doesn't matter. If it is, just delete it to remain the beauty of short comments.


michelle said...

Hi Jordan! Thanks for commenting, and I doubt that anyone except for me really reads the comments on my blog, so no need to apologize for a long comment. :)