Tuesday, May 15, 2007

making the most of my student status

As you can see from my HKU ID, I only have a month and a half left before my student status officially expires. Besides the implications already mentioned in previous posts (i.e. finishing papers, finding a job, etc.), I realized a couple weeks ago that there are some student perks that I really should make the most of while I still can.

So today I did just that.

First I went to an appointment at the HKU dental center, where I had a check-up for just HK$80 (x-rays included!) . It turns out that I need 3 fillings (!!), but two of those are replacements of older fillings that are deteriorating... and thankfully fillings, like the check-up itself, are ridiculously cheap, so I'm almost glad that I need three... hehe. Can't wait for that 2-hour dental appointment as well...

(Yes, I felt silly asking the receptionist if I could take a picture of this little feline dental diorama, but really, how could I resist?! It's a feline dental diorama!!)
My next "making the most of being a student" activity involved going to the HKU bookstore and milking my student discount. I have a stack of books at home that I've been meaning to read, so really didn't need another one, but found Oracle Bones to be too much of a temptation. I really like Peter Hessler's writing and appreciate his insights on China -- I think River Town is one of my favorite non-fiction books -- so couldn't pass this up.
And with a new book in hand, I had no choice but to go to the HKU Starbucks and make use of my 25% student discount there. Toffee banana scone (who new such things existed?) and chai latte... yum. Yes, there are some aspects of student life that will be missed.


sal said...

i think those kitties are sylvanian familiy creatures!!! too cool! o to be a student again... eat a scone for me! :)

Bro Lo said...

Great pic! It could be for scones, Starbucks or the book.