Saturday, May 26, 2007

relaxation club

I became a member of the Relaxation Club last night... actually, I'm not sure if this is the kind of club that even offers memberships, but if I come to find out that they do, I will surely join. I stumbled across the Club in a mall on my way to Friday evening tutoring, and after spending the previous few days hunched in front of a computer (writing a paper mainly, but yes, on Facebook too...), could not ignore the massage ad in the window. Since I had three hours of tutoring ahead of me, I could not yield to my massage yearnings right away, but instead, was able to secure a 45-min slot immediately after my last tutorial. And wow, was it worth it. I didn't realize just how tense I was until during the massage, when pretty much every muscle in my neck and back was doing that weird "wiggly" thing. And though my masseuse didn't speak much English, he did know the word "tight" and used it frequently while working on my back. So now I'm thinking that I might make massage a part of my weekly or fortnightly routine. At least for the time that I'm still tutoring on Fridays. If nothing else, it's comforting to know that the Relaxation Club is there for those times when I'm in desperate need of relaxation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle:

That's nice you found some relaxation in Relaxation Club. To me, staying home and doing nothing was my true relaxation. haha.

From Jordy.