Thursday, May 17, 2007

nomad's and the cat of glory

I met J-Lo (OK, sorry -- "Jon" from here on out) for lunch today at Nomad's (TRFKAK -- The Restaurant Formerly Known As Kublai's). Neither of us attempted a 5-bowl challenge -- in fact, I don't think Nomad's kept the Kublai's challenge -- but it was good food! My noodles were a little on the salty side, but seeing as it's a DIY type of eatery, I have no one to blame but myself.
It was great to see Jon again, catch up a little bit, and of course plan our traditional trip to Sunset Peak!
Here he is waiting for the pizza bases to be replenished (though Nomad's is a "Mongolian" barbecue, they have some very unMongolian options, i.e. pizza).

Jon surprised me with the ultimate early birthday/late Christmas present: The Cat of Glory.
Here I am with The Cat. He's busy shining the "bright torch of insight" onto my pizza.


sal said...

with the cat of glory.... i think this OFFICIALLY makes you a cat person.. hehe

jon said...

Trip to Sunset Peak!!! Hurrah~~~

sal said...

when's that happening?!?! not in the midst of the thunderstorms i hope! though it would be cool watching it from way up high ;)

michelle said...

no, not today. thankfully, because i think we would've been washed away. actually, we have a couple dates in mind... we'll see. interested in coming?? :)