Wednesday, May 30, 2007

strange amusement park ride

Here is a very very short (2-second!!) video I took in China 3 years ago. It shows the strangest (and scariest?) amusement park kiddie ride I've ever seen, and very well could be the strangest ride in existence. After watching this video even once, you'll see why video was the media required for capturing this precious oddity. And I should warn you: it's hard to watch this just once.

I was recently reminded of this video and realized that it'd been sitting on my disused laptop, where it would never get the recognition it deserves. Enter YouTube. (On a funny note, after writing that I ended up having to use Yahoo videos... my attempt at uploading on YouTube kept failing).

In case anyone's wondering (or wanting to make a visit themselves), the amusement park is in Yulin, a city in northern Shaanxi province... or at least it was there a few years ago. I can't promise that it hasn't been torn down for some new French-baroque style townhouse development.

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