Sunday, May 27, 2007

two things just added to my "to make" list...

Here are a couple things I just came across (via the Craft magazine site) that are now on my "to make" list. First, the Hallowig, which one woman apparently knitted for herself and her cat.
And I think this is a great idea: cross-stitched tetris fridge magnets (actually, these might not be cross-stitched after all, but a cross-stitched version would be very do-able) . I always liked cross-stitch, but decided that it wasn't very practical (how many framed cross-stitched pictures does a person need?). However, these magnets are not only practical, but they'd also match the tetris quilt I plan to make.


Anonymous said...

This reminded me of you... :)

Love the tetris magnets!

sal said...

oooooooo i wonder if the cat hat will look as cute on me.. as it does on the cat!!! haha. magnets... tres chic!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle:

Wow the hat is nice which can make it not look like a cat.

From Jordy.